6to6 Prayer Day and how to prioritise upcoming youth activities

G’day parents,

First up, just a quick reminder that we have our 6to6 Prayer Day this Saturday. Twelve hours of non-stop prayer in the foyer at St. John’s.

Each hour is facilitated by two adults with Working With Children Checks and their job is to encourage/help people to pray.

For this reason, I reckon that 6to6 is a great opportunity for youth. Every hour of the day will be an appropriate time for them to come along and experience prayer, perhaps in a way they haven’t before.

Click here to see the timetable and drop in any time between 6am and 6pm on Saturday June 17th.


There is a youth event on Friday 23rd June and then a youth hosted fundraiser on Saturday 24th June. Usually we would avoid putting two youth related extra events on the one weekend but, well… it’s a long story but basically we didn’t realise the clash early enough to avoid it. No one’s fault, just an accident.

Anyway, how do you pick which to attend if you’ve got a busy weekend? Well the Games and Movie Night is purely social and only for youth; no adults allowed. The Fundraiser is not a youth event as such, the majority of people attending will be adults, but it has a ripper cause (The Babes Project) and is organised by one of our youth life groups. It’s great to see these girls taking something on like this and seeking to make a difference in the lives of other young people.

I will be at the Games and Movie night but, then again, I am in charge of that one. Some of our youth and leaders will be at the fundraiser because they’re in charge there. The choice, is yours. Apologies if it causes angst in your family, we’ll try and avoid this sort of issue again in the future.



A big weekend: Youth Alive, Dinner and a Movie

G’day parents,

This Friday we have this years northern suburbs Youth Alive event in Bundoora. I’ve posted about this previously so please click here for all the details.

On Sunday we’ve got dinner at 5pm before the service and then following the service we will be screening a movie. The theme for this week is ‘Dystopia’ (which means “a bad place”); most of the recent popular youth/young adult fiction is dystopian science fiction – the world gets worse in the future. We’ll examine why there is such pessimism about the future and ask what God thinks about it. The movie we watch will be a dystopian movie, anyone can vote for which movie we watch on Facebook starting this afternoon.

Please note that the movie may be rated M15+ or MA15+ (it’s hard to find dystopian movies that aren’t). Please keep an eye on the Facebook page to see which movie it is so that if your kids are under 15 you can make a decision about whether they stay. I’ll post the classification link so you can check the content. We expect it will mostly be young adults staying to watch the movie as we probably won’t finish till about 10pm which might be a bit late for some school goers.


Pre Service Movie – July 26

G’day parents,

This Sunday we’ll be screening ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ before the service. Our service will have a bit of a Guardians theme as well. It will start at 4pm on the dot, we suggest arriving slightly early so you can get setup. Everyone is welcome to bring bean bags, pillows, blankets and food. There is no cost but we will sell cans of drink at low prices.

You can view the trailer here and check the classification here. It is not recommended for primary school aged children.

Sunday at 6 Movie: Girl Rising

G’day parents,

On June 28 we will be screening a movie called ‘Girl Rising’ which is a high quality exploration of girls who are victims of exploitation and poverty around the world. It’s a powerful production backed¬†by aid organisations including World Vision here in Australia. We highly encourage not just sending your kids along to see this movie but also to come along yourself and check it out.

Here’s a few things to know:

  • We will finish a bit late. Normally we make sure we finish our services by 7:30, I anticipate finishing at 7:45 as the movie itself runs over 90 minutes.
  • There will be snacks and drinks available for purchase, all proceeds to a World Vision project engaged with the freedom of girls/women.
  • The content can be pretty heavy. The movie deals with seriously horrible slavery and abuse. Whilst it doesn’t show it on screen, there’s no avoiding the seriousness of the content. I’d rate it PG with a warning that it might distress some viewers.
  • Check out the trailer here.

Crave Term 2: Gold Class

Hi parents,

Hope you successfully navigated the school and public holidays over the last three weeks. It’s been a while since our last Crave night so we’re looking forward to betting back into things this Friday. Our launch event this Friday is actually vital to what happens the rest of term, here’s why: We’re going to watch a movie called Life of Pi. You may remember it winning a bunch of academy awards 18 months ago. It was widely well received by critics and I rate it as perhaps the most visually spectacular movie I’ve ever seen (and I have seen a lot of movies – Cinema Studies was my major at uni). It’s important to note it’s not a Christian movie. It’s made for everyone and was enjoyed by religious and non-religious people alike. What the film does do is raise a bunch of questions about God, gods, belief, faith and truth (as well as being a thrilling survival adventure). So at the end of the movie, we are going to get the youth to write down the questions that spring to their mind as they watch the movie. We’ll collect them all and then our topics for the term will be based around those questions. What this effectively means is that the youth get to pick our topics for the entire term ūüôā

We’ll do it in Gold Class style (but not at Doncaster) so the youth will be pampered and fed by our leaders throughout the movie which will take up most of the night. It’s a super easy invite for friends and I can almost guarantee they’ll enjoy the movie – I’m yet to meet someone who didn’t at least give it 3/5, most give it a 4/5 or 5/5. Ratings wise it is a PG rated movie. Click here for more details the classification.

The Details

  • Date:¬†2nd May
  • Time:¬†6:15-9pm
  • Venue:¬†St Johns Church Diamond Creek
  • Cost:¬†$5
  • Dinner:¬†Provided

For Home

As the youth will be asked to come up with their own questions I suggest you ask your kid/s what questions they came up with as they watched the film.