5pm Activities – Nov 26


G’day Parents,

Sometimes we run some fun times before the service on a Sunday. This week we run our last for the year. Like the recent youth event, it’s games based, but not epic like the youth event because we only have an hour.

There’ll be a bunch of short-and-sharp games to play that we hope will bring some fun social time to everyone who attends.

Details? It’s at 5pm. It’s free. Just turn up and have fun 🙂

Click here to see the Facebook event.



Classic Youth Games – July 16

G’day Parents,

First up, I’m about to go on leave for a few days so there will be no post from me next week.

However, I’m back on Sunday 16th for our 5pm CLASSIC YOUTH GAMES. This is going to be one hour of people’s favourite youth group/youth camp/school camp games; at least the ones that fit in our building and are legal 😉

We’ll have a mix of high intensity and low intensity so there should be a good mix of activities for everyone.

Can parents play? Yes, yes you can. I’ll leave it up to you whether that’s a wise move in your parent/child relationship 😉

This is a slightly risky event for us to run because it does rely on a good turn out to ensure it’s fun so we hope to see heaps of you there!

Here’s the Facebook event.


6to6 Prayer Day and how to prioritise upcoming youth activities

G’day parents,

First up, just a quick reminder that we have our 6to6 Prayer Day this Saturday. Twelve hours of non-stop prayer in the foyer at St. John’s.

Each hour is facilitated by two adults with Working With Children Checks and their job is to encourage/help people to pray.

For this reason, I reckon that 6to6 is a great opportunity for youth. Every hour of the day will be an appropriate time for them to come along and experience prayer, perhaps in a way they haven’t before.

Click here to see the timetable and drop in any time between 6am and 6pm on Saturday June 17th.


There is a youth event on Friday 23rd June and then a youth hosted fundraiser on Saturday 24th June. Usually we would avoid putting two youth related extra events on the one weekend but, well… it’s a long story but basically we didn’t realise the clash early enough to avoid it. No one’s fault, just an accident.

Anyway, how do you pick which to attend if you’ve got a busy weekend? Well the Games and Movie Night is purely social and only for youth; no adults allowed. The Fundraiser is not a youth event as such, the majority of people attending will be adults, but it has a ripper cause (The Babes Project) and is organised by one of our youth life groups. It’s great to see these girls taking something on like this and seeking to make a difference in the lives of other young people.

I will be at the Games and Movie night but, then again, I am in charge of that one. Some of our youth and leaders will be at the fundraiser because they’re in charge there. The choice, is yours. Apologies if it causes angst in your family, we’ll try and avoid this sort of issue again in the future.


Games after Sunday@6 this Sunday (June 7)


Normally we have games before the service at 5pm but this coming week we’ll have them after the service instead (it’s a public holiday the next day) that will go till 9pm.

The theme for the service itself has a lot to do with light so for the games we’re going to plunge the building into darkness and then use light as a key element in the games.

Youth and young adults are welcome to participate.

The only thing happening before the service is our weekly prayer meeting at 5:30 prayer meeting which anyone is welcome to join any week.

Dinner and Games dates for term 2

G’day parents,

Below are the dates for term two regarding what happens at 5pm before the 6pm Sunday service. Note: I got the announcement at church wrong last night, I said this coming Sunday (April 19) was a dinner night when it’s actually games. What a ninny! Please spread the word and pop these dates in the diary 🙂

Games – April 19, May 3, 17, 31, June 7, 21.
Dinner – April 26, May 10, 24, June 14.


Parent Hangout before Sunday@6 this week

Hi Parents,

We had a great start to term 1 last night with a big turn out of well fed young people at our evening service. Next week we’ll start with games at 5pm (no dinner this time) leading into the service. We’d like to encourage all parents to drop your kids off for the games and then cross the road to the Windy Mile for an informal beverage with fellow parents. If it goes well, it might become a fortnightly tradition 🙂

Thanks to Tanya for her initiative around this.

Kirk (kirk@stjohnsdc.org.au)

P.S. Don’t forget to sign up for a Life Group and Camp Crave.

P.P.S. Hope you enjoy the new blog format, your feedback would be appreciated.

Holidays and Video Game Ratings

Hi Parents,

Hope the holidays are treating you well. There is no Crave event this Friday or next but in the meantime I thought I’d share an article with those of you who have kids who are gamers. It’s written by someone who’s worked in a video games store for some time and they share their experiences around M rated games. Bear in mind the article is from the U.S. so the scheme is slightly different.