VCYC is fast approaching

The Victorian Christian Youth Convention is a highlight of our youth ministry each year and 2013 looks like being no exception. It’s a great opportunity for our youth to branch out and spend a few days with youth from all over Victoria. Visit their website if you’d like to make a last minute registration or for further details. For now though, we’re asking for some parents, or more specifically parents with cars, to help us with transport. This is an easy way to help out the leaders, many of whom are P-Platers and so have restrictions on who and how they transport young people in their cars. Here’s what we expect would be required:

Friday: Meet at St. John’s around 6pm and drive 3+ youth to Belgrave Heights Convention Centre. We think it will take up to three hours there and back (traffic is obviously a big factor).

Sunday: Meet us at Belgrave Heights Convention Centre at 12:30pm and drive 3+ youth back to St. John’s. Again, it will take about 3 hours although it will probably be shorter trip because it’s a Sunday.

If you are able to help with one or both of these trips could you please email asap?

Grub Fest – 22nd Feb 2013

Grub Fest. What is it you ask? Well, it’s the night where you get to throw food at your friends and do gross games you’d normally get in big trouble for. Great night to bring friends who haven’t been before! Don’t worry if you don’t like eating competitions, the eating part of the night is optional. Getting grubby though, that’s pretty much a guarantee.

For this reason we recommend you make sure everyone you drop off is wearing clothes that you’re okay with getting ruined (including shoes). We also recommend bringing a few old towels for the return journey home – don’t want to mess up the inside of your car. Oh, and make sure there’s plenty of soap in your bathroom 🙂

  • February 15th
  • 6:15 -9pm at St. Johns.
  • Cost: $5

For home:

Our teaching will be on Acts 10 where God shows Peter that Christianity is not just for Jewish converts but in fact, it’s for everyone. We will emphasise to the youth  that they are included in God’s plan for salvation and that everyone at their school, home, sports team etc. can also enter a relationship with Jesus. You might like to talk with your family about the ideas of inclusion and exclusion. How do we as a society exclude certain groups of people? Do you as a family have prejudice against certain people? What does the message of Acts 10 have to say about that?

Pilot video for a new Parenting Series

I came across this video this morning. It’s a pilot program (only 7 minutes) for a potential parenting series later in the year. It’s by Doug Fields who is greatly respected in Youth Ministry circles. Doug has recently turned his attention towards equipping parents to raise their teenage children well.

Click here to watch the video and offer your thoughts in a short online survey.


Parents of High-Schoolers Meeting after the 6pm Service this week

It was great to meet a number of parents after the 9:30 service at St. John’s on Sunday. If you normally attend the evening service or missed the meeting then you’ll be pleased to know we’re running the same session this Sunday (17th Feb). The idea is that you meet Kirk Mackenzie (Youth Minister) and Bel Wilson (our Assistant Youth Minster) as well as other parents with kids a similar age to you. We’ll also give you some information on where the youth ministry is headed and ways we can partner together in helping our young people thrive.

Crave 2013 Launch Event


We are only days away from our first Crave event for the year. Here are the relevant details:

  • February 15th
  • 155 Mountain View Rd. Briar Hill
  • House Party! Join us as we kick off the start of term with a giant House Party! A great chance to catch up, meet new people and get your groove on.
  • Start time: 6:15pm
  • End time: 10pm (this is later than our standard finish time which will be 9pm)
  • Cost: $5
  • Contact Number: Bel Wilson (Assistant Youth Minster) – 0425 658 469

This night is designed to maximize relationship potential. We hope it will be the perfect place for youth to meet new people their age, meet some older Christians and to have a generally enjoyable evening. There will be no formal teaching on this night although we will have a few announcements that will outline what we’re on about at Crave and paint a picture of where we’re going this year.