Fountains of Baked Goods..


Hey Parents!

This is Bel here, i’m just posting to let you know that we’d love it if you’re coming to the Fountains of Chocolate Fundraiser Friday night, we’d love it if you’re a keen baker or even a dismal baker to have a go and bring along a baked goods dish to share for the night. We’ve already got some people baking their hearts out for the night but we’d always appreciate more food.. as you guys know teenagers never really get full!

Either way we’re excited to have you there this Friday night participating and getting the opportunity to be apart of  a Crave Friday night!

We’re also mega thankful for all the help you’ll have given over this term cooking away on Friday nights preparing dinners for us as a youth and team!

You guys are absolute legends!

God Bless Y’all


Camp Crave: Two weeks to go.

We’ve already blogged about this Friday’s Camp Crave fundraiser here. Suffice to say, we”d love to see as many people as possible there on Friday night to help us raise money for the camp as well as give you an insight into why Camp Crave has such a great reputation. We’d also love to see as many people at the camp itself as possible. Hence, post is also about reminding you to register people if you haven’t already. The place to do that is

You can register pretty late in the piece so it’s worth another effort asking a friend along or giving a second invite to someone who might be a bit tentative.

Don’t forget that we are keen for money to not be blockage to a single person attending the camp so please do give us a call in the office if you need some support – 9438 1264.

Camp Crave’s chocolate flavoured fundraiser

Camp fund raiser poster


Note: This event is not tonight, to find out about tonight’s Crave event click here.

Come along and help support our youth group, in particular Camp Crave. The night will start normal time for the youth (6:15) but then we invite family and friends to join us from 7:30 for a very chocolaty dessert. If you were to eat everything on offer by yourself, it would be a life endangering exercise. Should you issue at least a bit of restraint though, you’ll have a great time as well as hear a bit about camp that will hopefully be encouraging and entertaining.

Here are the details:

  • Friday 28th June at St. John’s
  • 7.30pm the chocolate begins (6.15pm Youth drop off)
  • $5 kids, $10 concession, $15 Adults. Bring some extra cash in case you want to join one of our fundraising competitions or auctions.

Even if no one from your family is coming to the event, please do join us anyway. Likewise if you have already donated some money in another way, we’d love your company as the event is about more than

money, it’s about community building and sharing stories about the great Camp Crave.

Can you help drive some youth this Friday?

We’re looking for two extra cars (with drivers) to help us transport everyone to the VCYC One Night Event in Blackburn this Friday (21st June). Would you be able to help? Here are some details:

  • Arrive by 6pm at St. Johns.
  • Fill your car young people.
  • Drive us to St. Alfred’s in Blackburn aiming for a 6:45 start.
  • Head off and enjoy yourself (I’m suggesting parents take the opportunity to head out on a nice dinner date).
  • Return to St. Alfred’s at 9pm, ready to leave by 9:30.
  • 10pm, we’ll be back at St. Johns and your responsibilities will be over.

If you’d like to help us out please contact Kirk soon:

Crave: VCYC One Night Event

This week we are going offsite for a VCYC event that will be bring together youth groups from all over Melbourne. The details are a little different to normal, here they are:

The Event:

  • June 21st
  • Drop off at St. Johns by 6pm (it’s important not to be late as we will be leaving before 6:15).
  • Parents and youth leaders will be providing the transport in cars, we will ensure all legal and safety rules are followed.
  • Cost: $10 (it’s $5 entry but a bit extra for dinner, we believe $10 will ensure nobody starves).
  • Food: Sausage sizzle (vegetarians will likely be provided for but might want to bring a backup snack just in case).
  • Pick up at St. Johns approximately 9:45pm.

For Home:

As we are not preparing the teaching ourselves we don’t really have anything for home this week except that you ask this question: “How was it?”

A note on Camp Crave:

Don’t forget to register for the camp via and give us a call on 9438 1264 if you’d like some help with finances.

We are also having a fundraising dessert night on Friday the 28th of June which I will blog about separately but which we would love you to come along and enjoy.

Crave: Roast a Christian


Don’t panic, the Crave leadership team have not turned to cannibalism, the spit will stay in the shed this Friday. Instead, we will be making our panel feel a bit hot under the collar by inviting the youth to ask those big/tricky/controversial questions that we often avoid cos they’re too big/tricky/controversial. It’s a perfect night to invite friends along, we might even record it so that parents can listen to it online 😉

The Event:

  • June 14th
  • 6:15 -9pm at St. Johns
  • Cost: $5
  • Food: Dinner provided

For Home:

Considering there’s no set topic this week it’s hard to give you material to work with. Still, it could be a good conversation starter: which question have you always wanted to ask?

A note on Camp Crave:

At this stage the camp will be cancelled due to lack of numbers – but keep reading. I very much doubt it will be cancelled as there is still a month left for people to register and it has such a great reputation around the traps. This note is more a request for those families that know for sure you’ve got someone/people coming to camp to register asap. It will greatly help us in the preparation for camp 🙂 Also, if you know you’ve got someone/people coming but are not sure about being able to afford it, please give Bel or Kirk a call on 9438 1264 and we’ll work something out. It’s better that we know early on rather than get an influx of requests a week before camp.

Youth and Facebook

At our recent parent gathering we talked about the influence of the internet on teenagers. Part of our discussion was based on a research project I did last year. If you’d like to read it please click the link below. It won’t replace the conversation we had on Friday but it will hopefully compliment it and act as a catch up for those who couldn’t make it.

Essay – Project 2012


P.S. Don’t forget, Crave is not on tonight, back June 14th.