Youth Unite and Excursion

G’day parents,

If you’re getting this  message on Friday arvo, this is a last minute reminder that Youth Unite is tonight at 7pm.

Also at short notice is a chance to go to a play staring one of our year 10s. Their school is putting it on with Scotch College which means it’s going to be in a very nice (expensive) auditorium.

Click here for details. We need to get your RSVP but this Monday afternoon (May 8th) if you’re coming!

Bye for now.


Youth Unite Mid Year Event – May 5

G’day Parents,

Three times a year we meet up with other youth ministries in the Northern Suburbs for an all-in event called Youth Unite. They are a really positive example of people from all different backgrounds getting together because of Jesus and I expect this one to be no exception.

Click here to see the Facebook event which has the details. Diamond Valley Baptist are hosting this time, they are literally in the same street as our church, just a couple of minutes down the road, so we’ll just meet there rather than car pooling from St. John’s.

No need to RSVP this time due to no car pool.

It should be a great night, we hope as many St. John’s youth as possible can be there.


Millennials, internet addiction & other people

G’day Parents,

I’ve recently watched a few interviews with leadership guru Simon Sinek. He’s been talking a lot about the millennial generation (the generation that came before today’s youth). It’s good stuff.

I recommend watching this video as it has lots of insights into technology, culture and parenting. Whilst it is primarily about young adults, I can see a lot of this stuff filtering into youth culture right now.

As for St. John’s, our 5pm dinners/activities will begin again on April 30. This Sunday you can join us for the prayer meeting at 5pm, from April 30 it will move back to 4:30. We’ve had some good youth turnouts for prayer in recent weeks.


Easter Holidays

G’day Parents,

Hope the holidays have started well at your place. Here’s a few bits of info about holidays and youth at St. John’s.

  • There are no 5pm activities or dinners on Sundays during the holidays or the two long weekends at that follow. So the first 5pm activities for term 2 will be on 30th April.
  • There IS a 5pm prayer meeting before the service when there is no activities. You and your family are welcome to join. We keep things moving and are happy to help out people unfamiliar with group prayer.
  • Click here for Easter Service details.

A note on Life Groups, because of the extra public holidays after the school holidays there are lots of clashes with Sunday and Monday Life Groups. The leaders will communicate whether there will be an extra meeting in there somewhere so they don’t miss four weeks in a row.


Questions, Writing and Cooking

G’day parents,

A few tidbits for you this week:

  1. This Sunday night we are hosting a Panel Night as part of our Sunday@6 service. This is something we do several times and year. We select four members of our church who volunteer to attempt to answer any question people throw at them (at least if the questions relate to God in some way). People can ask via text or just pop their hand up. We believe that young people don’t respond well to simply be told what to believe, they like to discuss it and work it out with others; these panel nights are designed to help start and deepen conversations about the most important things in life.
  2. Do you have a teenager writer in your family? They might like to enter this competition.
  3. This Sunday our pre service activity is an act of service flowing from our church’s partnership with Prison Fellowship. Each year they encourage churches to bake biscuits to give to prisoners and their families. That’s what we’ll be doing from 2:30 this Sunday in the St. John’s kitchen, come join us! Click here for the Facebook event.


Camp Crave – Time to register, seriously!

G’day parents,

I’ve written about Camp Crave before here.

We’re getting close now and we don’t have enough registrations to go ahead. This has been the case every year at this time, then we get a bunch of registrations.

My request is that, if you’ve got youth coming, that you register them today and help me sleep better at night 😉

Click here to register.

If they’re not registered but might come, I highly recommend that you follow that rabbit all the way down the hole. Camps are not perfect, but they can be brilliant in so many ways, including:

  • Building deep, healthy friendships quickly.
  • Getting to know adults who aren’t their Life Group leader or parents.
  • Learning about God in a more focused setting with way less distractions.
  • Adventurous activities build young peoples’ confidence, sometimes you can literally see them mature over the duration of the camp.

If you’re unconvinced, please give me a call on Friday and I’ll try and explain things further 🙂 9438 1264.


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Youth Unite Tonight + Life Groups and Trivia

G’day Parents,

I’ve posted about Youth Unite before but it’s on tonight so thought I’d mention it one last time.

Life Groups. If you’ve registered for a group then it’s likely that you’ve heard from me or a leader already. If not, please drop me an email ( Is it too late to join a group? Never! Just let us know you’re keen and we’ll see what we can do.

Trivia! At 5pm on Sundays (school and public holidays excluded) we have pre-service activities. Every second week it’s dinner but on the other weeks we do other stuff. This Sunday we’ve got some Trivia fun times planned. Click here for the Facebook event.

Oh, and don’t forget Camp Crave 🙂