The Rest of 2018

G’day Parents,

This might be my last post of the year so I thought I’d give you a good idea what’s happening over Christmas:

I hope this information has been helpful.

Lastly, it was very encouraging to be a part of our baptism and confirmation service this past Sunday. We leave these services filled with the goodness of Jesus because we’ve heard the great work he’s done in people’s lives (particularly young people’s lives in this case). Great stuff.



Baptism and Confirmation Service this Sunday

G’day Parents,

I recently wrote about our upcoming baptism and confirmation service. I’m pleased to announce we have 5 people getting confirmed and 2 getting baptised.

It should be a great night. Come along and hear their stories, witness the commitments of these young people and celebrate the promises they make.

The following week is Diamond Creek Community Carols. And the week after that is Christmas Eve!

Our first Sunday@6 service after Christmas will be 7th January 2018.


Last Sunday@6 Dinner for the year

G’day Parents,

All year we’ve held fortnightly dinners at 5pm before our evening service. This week will be our last for this year.

The following weeks will be our Baptism/Confirmation Service followed by Community Carols and Christmas Eve!

Thanks to all our legendary cooks who have helped out during the year and helped make our service a more welcoming and hospitable place 🙂


5pm Activities – Nov 26


G’day Parents,

Sometimes we run some fun times before the service on a Sunday. This week we run our last for the year. Like the recent youth event, it’s games based, but not epic like the youth event because we only have an hour.

There’ll be a bunch of short-and-sharp games to play that we hope will bring some fun social time to everyone who attends.

Details? It’s at 5pm. It’s free. Just turn up and have fun 🙂

Click here to see the Facebook event.


Baptism and Confirmation Service – December 10

G’day Parents,

On December 10th Sunday@6 will be hosting a Baptism and Confirmation Service where people have the opportunity to stand up in front of their church community and publicly commit to following Jesus.

In the Anglican tradition, confirmation is for people who have been baptised as infants or children and, now that they’re older, want to affirm the promises that were made on their behalf.

We’ve already got a bunch of young people keen to be involved. If someone in your family would like to be baptised or confirmed then please drop me an email at

This Sunday we have an information/preparation session which you’d be welcome to come to. You don’t have to be 100% committed, just interested, we can lock you in (or not) after the session. It’s at 3pm in Meeting Room 1 at St. John’s.


Sunday@6 in the school holidays

G’day Parents,

There are three Sunday@6 services this holidays: 24/9, 1/10, 8/10.

At each of these services there will be a prayer meeting at 5:15 which everyone is welcome to attend (we meet in the Prayer Room near the back door and do a variety of prayer styles). The service is at 6pm followed by supper afterwards. We aim to finish our services by 7:30, something we achieve 95% of the time.

On 8/10 we will have one of our regular panel nights; should be great.

If your kids are gamers, I would recommend Relief LANs as a good place for them to meet other gamers in a safe, supervised environment. Click here to find out more.


Entry level service opportunities for youth

G’day parents,

At our most recent Sunday@6 service I mentioned that there are a few simple but important roles that are ideal for youth to take on if they’re wanting to serve at church. The obvious ones in my mind are reading the bible, hospitality and praying for people (either up front or in prayer ministry).

I was encouraged that multiple people responded and signed up for bible reading and prayer.

If your kids are keen to serve Jesus and are looking for a way in, a simple role like these can be a great start.

Please here me clearly, Sunday services are not the only place a person can serve Jesus (we can do that pretty much anywhere) and I do believe that youth are able to serve in roles that hold more responsibility. I mention these examples because they are central activities to being a Christian and they are easy to get started on.

If you’re finding it challenging to talk to your kids about this sort of thing, don’t be afraid to get in touch and we’ll see if we can help you out.