This Blog is Moving

G’day parents.

New year, new church website. We hope this will make it easier for everyone to communicate with each other. As part of this update, we’ve moved our ‘Parents of Teenagers Blog’ to the new site.

If you visit this link you’ll see all my old posts and a couple of new ones.

Here’s the important bit: If you want to receive the parent updates directly to your email inbox, you need to resubscribe. Now, if you’re subscribed to this blog, I have attempted to roll you over to the new blog but I have no way to confirm it’s worked so keep an eye on your inbox.

It’s easy enough to subscribe on the new site, just check out the most recent post on the page and at the bottom you’ll find a box to enter your email address. Simple 🙂

Another change is that the blog will be for all parents connected with St John’s. This means we’ll post some info about parenting in general as well as some stuff for younger kids.

Hope all that makes sense, see you on the new site!



The 3 Stages Of Adolescence

G’day Parents,

I came across this interesting clip on adolescence which you might like to watch. It’s American so they use terms like “Freshman” which I don’t really understand but the basics are there to relate to Australia.

Clip here to watch the clip.

The YouTube channel this clip is hosted by has lots of great stuff. It’s mainly targeted at youth workers/ministers but I like to think of parents as the real full time youth ministers so I lot of it will relate.


Key dates for term 3

G’day parents,

Here’s a few key dates for term 3.

Pre Sunday@6 dinners (5pm every two weeks):

  • 30/7
  • 13/8
  • 27/8
  • 10/9

Free Maths Tutoring, 3:30-5pm every two weeks, always leads into dinner:

  • 13/8
  • 27/8
  • 10/9

Both the dinners and the FREE Maths Tutoring come highly recommended both because they’re high quality and great for relationship building.


6to6 Prayer Day and how to prioritise upcoming youth activities

G’day parents,

First up, just a quick reminder that we have our 6to6 Prayer Day this Saturday. Twelve hours of non-stop prayer in the foyer at St. John’s.

Each hour is facilitated by two adults with Working With Children Checks and their job is to encourage/help people to pray.

For this reason, I reckon that 6to6 is a great opportunity for youth. Every hour of the day will be an appropriate time for them to come along and experience prayer, perhaps in a way they haven’t before.

Click here to see the timetable and drop in any time between 6am and 6pm on Saturday June 17th.


There is a youth event on Friday 23rd June and then a youth hosted fundraiser on Saturday 24th June. Usually we would avoid putting two youth related extra events on the one weekend but, well… it’s a long story but basically we didn’t realise the clash early enough to avoid it. No one’s fault, just an accident.

Anyway, how do you pick which to attend if you’ve got a busy weekend? Well the Games and Movie Night is purely social and only for youth; no adults allowed. The Fundraiser is not a youth event as such, the majority of people attending will be adults, but it has a ripper cause (The Babes Project) and is organised by one of our youth life groups. It’s great to see these girls taking something on like this and seeking to make a difference in the lives of other young people.

I will be at the Games and Movie night but, then again, I am in charge of that one. Some of our youth and leaders will be at the fundraiser because they’re in charge there. The choice, is yours. Apologies if it causes angst in your family, we’ll try and avoid this sort of issue again in the future.


Encouraging a youth leader

G’day parents,

This last week I was fortunate enough to receive some un-asked-for encouragement from a few people in my life. It was great and reminded me of something very true: no one ever gets tired of being encouraged! (They might get sick of being encouraged in a patronising way but that’s not really encouragement in my book ;-).

Anyway, I thought I’d let you know that when it comes to encouragement, youth leaders really value it, especially from a parent of a youth they lead. Youth leading can be pretty emotionally draining at times but whenever I’ve had a parent offer me some encouragement it’s filled me right up.

So, can I please encourage you to encourage the youth leaders you know? It can sometimes be a challenge as a lot of what they do isn’t particularly visible but even if you encourage them on the small details, it will help them greatly in their role as leader of your kids.

Also, from a selfish point of view, I always find that when I encourage others, I tend to feel pretty great too. I think God set it up that way 🙂


P.S. Don’t miss our goodbyes to Andrew Bowles this Sunday at both Diamond Creek Services and on Saturday evening.

Free Maths Tutoring Returns

G’day parents,

This Sunday at 3:30pm we will be hosting free maths tutoring for high school students. This is something we’ve done for a while now and is a fantastic opportunity waiting to be taken advantage of.

Remember, it’s free! Normally this would cost about $60 an hour!

Here’s some details:

  • At St. John’s in Meeting Room 2 (we’ll put signs up).
  • Bring your school work with you (especially maths stuff).
  • It’s free!
  • All year levels of high school.
  • Students from all schools welcome.
  • This is not limited to church people; invite friends who would benefit from the tutoring.
  • There will be pre-Sunday@6 dinner from 5pm so do stick around for a feed 🙂

This is a great connection with our local community and we hope it will grow. If you anticipate one or more of your kids coming to the session, could you please let me know via email?


Here are the Facebook events for each of the tutoring sessions:


May 21

June 4

June 18


Millennials, internet addiction & other people

G’day Parents,

I’ve recently watched a few interviews with leadership guru Simon Sinek. He’s been talking a lot about the millennial generation (the generation that came before today’s youth). It’s good stuff.

I recommend watching this video as it has lots of insights into technology, culture and parenting. Whilst it is primarily about young adults, I can see a lot of this stuff filtering into youth culture right now.

As for St. John’s, our 5pm dinners/activities will begin again on April 30. This Sunday you can join us for the prayer meeting at 5pm, from April 30 it will move back to 4:30. We’ve had some good youth turnouts for prayer in recent weeks.