Christmas at St. John’s

G’day parents,

This week I thought I’d give you the details of Christmassy things happening at our church in the coming couple of weeks.

All our service times can be seen in this graphic:

What would I recommend for youth? Well if they’re capable of staying up beyond midnight then I’d lean towards the 11pm Candle Light Service on Christmas Eve. Don’t be late for this one though as it’s usually hard to find a seat.

If you like little kids then the Family Service could be fun although it is definitely pitched at the primary school and preschool age group. That’s not a criticism, just don’t expect the teaching to be nailing your teenager to their chair with pop culture conviction 😉 It can also be a great example because it’s a service where adults put aside their own preferences to serve the kids.

For those who can’t stay up late, Christmas morning could be the best option. There’s less hype surrounding this service but given how much hype and noise there is at Christmas generally, this service can be a nice gentle pace for families. I’ll be preaching at this one and ensuring it’s relevant to teenagers and kids as well as adults.

Lastly, if your family’s had a tough run this year, there is a Quiet Christmas Service on Monday the 19th of December at the Uniting Church in Diamond Creek. It’s a service for people who have experienced significant grief during the year and is a combined churches event. It starts at 7:30pm.

Hope those tips help your chose the best option. I’ll be at literally every Christmas Eve/Christmas day service so I’ll see you there 🙂



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