Youth Alive and a reflection on Friday night events

G’day parents,

Recently we cancelled our Friday night excursion. This can happen sometimes, for a variety of reasons. Here’s one way I’ve seen it happen both at St. John’s and at my previous church:

There are four people in a friendship group connected with church. Here’s their initial availability for the event:

  • A – Can’t come (insert excellent reason here)
  • B – Maybe
  • C – Maybe
  • D – Yes

A and B are best friends and so when B finds out A is not attending, they decide not to go too. C tends to go with the flow more than most so two against one means they’re not going either. Now D is the only member of the friendship group attending, they change their mind because they don’t want to feel like a loner.

Anyway, that’s just a theory. What do you think? Share your thoughts in our Facebook group.

So what about Youth Alive? Well, it’s coming up real soon but we’re approaching it a little differently given the recent cancellation. The Life Group leaders are putting the feelers out to see who might be interested. If there’s some energy then they’ll help you arrange to get the youth to the youth event. However it will not be an official church excursion and we won’t meet at church as a start and end point.

We’re just giving it a go to see if might be a different way to approach these events. It may not work but we thought it was worth a try.

For details of the event itself, please click here.



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