Pre Service Chills

G’day Parents,

If there’s one thing we do for youth that doesn’t seem to be widely known, it’s our pre-service chills. Every second week, the weeks we don’t have dinner, we run a few relaxed, relationship building activities from 5pm through till the start of the service. There’s also hot drinks available.

If your kids are struggling to find their feet at Sunday@6 then the pre-service chill might be a key to the future. I reckon if there were a bunch of teenagers who made a commitment to make these times their own, we would see a lot more young people comfortable in the wider church community. All it would take is 3-4 to get the ball rolling, be there each week, and build some momentum.

Our hospitality team is also open to adding people to their ranks. Again, this would be a great, entry-level service role for a young person at our church. I know a few teenagers have been asked if they’d like to join, although some may not have been, but all it takes is someone to put their hand up and say yes; the hospitality team will take it from there.

Parents play a key role in this sort of thing. Practically (because you probably give them a lift to get there early), but also as an encourager (not a real word) and enabler. I’ll leave it with you 🙂



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