Not In Polite Company

G’day parents,

This Sunday week we start our ‘Not in Polite Company’ series at Sunday@6. We sort of started a couple of weeks back before the election but we’ll get into it properly this Sunday.

Basically we want to talk about the issues that young people think about a lot but are often nervous or reluctant to ask. These issues usually have some sort of connection with sex and relationships.

These services will be M-rated in a a good way. M stands for mature and, as much as we’ll have a bit of a laugh, our main aim is to have a mature, Jesus-centred discussion about the issues young people face head on.

I’d like to encourage you to come with your kids to the entire series (note: we take a break for the Baptism and Confirmation service on July 17th). You don’t have to sit next to them but we hope that what we talk about will be a great conversation starter at home. And if they hear something new, well, at least they heard it with you at church rather than at school or on the net 🙂



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