Term 3 Event: Hope Tour


G’day parents,

In term 3 we’ll be joining with some local churches and schools to take part in the Hope Tour. What is Hope Tour? A quick summary is that they’re a group of Christians who do two key things: 1. Visit schools to talk about things like identity and self esteem. 2. Invite youth to come to a specifically Christian event at the end of the week where the gospel is shared.

Fun and interactivity are a big part of what Hope Tour is about so  we’re keen to be involved for the first time this year. Some of you will have kids who go to a school that Hope Tour visits, others won’t, but everyone is invited to the Friday night event.

So put July 22 in the diary. We’ll give you more details in the coming weeks.

Click here for the Hope Tour Facebook page. (You don’t need a Facebook account to view Facebook pages).



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