Winter Holidays

G’day Parents,

It’s only a couple of days till the holidays so I thought I’d write a few holiday related points from St. Johns.

  • Many youth are helping with your primary school aged holiday program called Going Bananas. It’s always great to see and should be a great week.
  • This Sunday we are having an election themed Sunday@6 service called ‘Who would Jesus vote for?‘. Should be good!
  • Sunday@6 on July 3rd is a QandA panel night. We try and do one of these each school holidays, giving people a chance ask questions about anything slightly related to faith in Jesus. If your kids have not yet connected with the Sunday@6 community, this could be a great night to get started.
  • The election themed service is actually the beginning of a series called ‘Not in Polite Company’ where we’ll talk about all the topics that make people uncomfortable if you bring them up at a dinner party. Of course we all, deep down, need to talk these things through in a safe and honesty environment so that’s what we’ll be doing. Here’s some of things we’ll be covering. All from a biblical perspective:
    • Politics
    • Romantic Relationships
    • Sex
    • Sexuality
    • Singleness
    • Gender
    • Gay Marriage.
    • Women in leadership in the church
    • Pornography
  • In amongst all that there will be a Baptism and Confirmation Service on July 17th.

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