What time do things happen?

G’day parents,

We’ve had a few changes to our regular schedule around church and so I thought I’d just give you an update as to what happens on and average Sunday.

  • 4:30 Prayer Meeting. Everyone (parents, youth, pets) is invited to join us every week as we pray for young people in our church and local area.
  • 5pm Dinner. Every second Sunday. If young people are struggling to get to know people at church, I highly recommend they come along to dinner – it’s easy to get to know people over food 🙂
  • 5pm Activities. Every other Sunday, alternating with dinner. These are informal hangout times with activities to participate in. Activities change from week to week. Bring $1 for a coffee or hot chocolate.
  • 5:40 Service Briefing. For those involved in the service (e.g. prayers, computer, bible reading) this is the time we gather to talk through the service in preparation for 6pm.
  • 5:55 Warmup. Something informal and fun before the service starts proper.
  • 6pm Sunday@6 Service.
  • 7:30pm Service ends. Usually we will finish before 7:30, every now and then we accidentally go over time but that’s pretty rare.
  • 8pm Recommended pick time. In truth you can pick youth up as soon as the service is over but we recommend 8pm as it allows for some socialising and debrief before heading home.

Hope that helps 🙂



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