Special Event: Dinner at the Windy Mile

G’day Parents,

You’ve probably heard about the terrible events that happened outside the Windy Mile cafe last weekend. Not only was it a tragedy for the boy’s friends and family, but the staff and owners of our nearest neighbour are deeply upset and distressed about the incident.

In light of this we’re inviting people to head over to the Windy Mile after the Sunday@6 service for a meal or a drink as a gesture of goodwill and encouragement.

This is not part of the actual service, nor is it a youth specific event. If you’re thinking your kid/s might attend, please be aware that the Windy Mile does serve alcohol (to people over 18). Whilst there will be plenty of adults from St. John’s ready to keep an eye out for the younger folk, there is always a chance that someone at the cafe might not demonstrate responsible drinking (hopefully not a St. John’s person!). I don’t say this to scare you, I just want to be clear that the levels of control and supervision we might have at, say, Youth Unite, will not be quite as high or official at the dinner.

That said, given the age of the young man who died (19) it would be great to see some young people in attendance. I know the owners all have teenage kids themselves.

Click here for the event details.

Here is the Windy Mile menu.




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