Christmas Stuff

G’day parents,

This will probably be my last post for 2015. Well done to everyone who’s read these posts, I hope it’s helped you in your parenting and kept you in the loop with church. If you have any ideas on how we could improve them next year, just drop me a call (9438 1264) or an email (

Here’s some key events coming up over the Christmas period:

  • Final Sunday@6 Service: Dec 20th
  • Christmas Eve Kids Service: 5pm
  • Christmas Eve Night Service: 11pm (this is the service we recommend for teenagers. Yes it does finish very late but hey, it’s holidays 🙂
  • Christmas Day: 9:30am
  • First Sunday@6 Service for 2016: Jan 3rd, 6pm
  • Camp Crave 2016: March 11-13 (dates confirmed)

Wishing all families a happy and relaxing Christmas.



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