Board Games and Star Wars

G’day Parents,

Plenty happening this Sunday (Nov 29). There are board games before the service starting at 5pm, come along, meet some people and enjoy some games. If you’ve got a favourite, bring it along and teach others to play.

In our service we’ll be looking at the issue of human trafficking with our guest preacher, Sam Grimshaw from World Vison. I’m always shocked at how many people are still sold/kidnapped into slavery in the 21st century and we can expect it to only grow as an issue given the massive movement of people escaping conflict in the Middle East and Europe. It’s an important issue for all ages but especially for youth and young adults as I believe the majority of people trafficked around the world are children or teenagers.

After the service we will be screening Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. We’re doing this in the lead up to the release of the seventh Star Wars movie. A bit of fun as we approach the holidays, plus we have heaps of sci-fi fans at our church!

Please note there will be no dinner this weekend. The next dinner night will be December 6.



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