In case you missed it.

G’day parents,

It’s the holidays and I’m about to take a few days off (second week). Before I go I thought I’d share with you something that made it’s way to our church newsletter on Sunday. If you already read it, please stop here. Otherwise I hope you find my reflections on youth ministry helpful 🙂

Last Sunday we heard our church meetings (e.g. Sunday@6) described as like a petrol station; the place where you fill up so that you’ve got plenty of energy to serve Jesus outside the church building throughout the week. It’s a helpful image and one that I think young people especially are challenged by.

Being a teenager or in your early 20s brings a lot of social pressure into your life. It’s first world pressure to be sure, I’d much rather be turned down for a date than be shot at or starve from malnutrition, but none-the-less young people have to navigate complicated and immature social circles as they seek to establish themselves as an independent adult.

For Christian young people there are two ways to escape this: give up on Jesus or hide your faith inside the church buildings/ events. We’ve seen our fair share of both here in Diamo and neither is a positive response. Our relationship with God is so much richer when we share it with others, when we put it into practice in public and private; however that is also the more narrow way. It’s harder and often requires significant social sacrifices.

I’ve had the deep joy and satisfaction of seeing a number of people (some whom I’m still friends with years later) become Christians from a non-Christian background. This is something I hope that everyone at our church can experience on a regular basis. Could you please pray that we have the strength of faith to share the good news and have the faith to believe God will use that to change lives?



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