This week’s Sunday@6 is about parents! (A bit anyway…)

G’day parents,

Actually the next two weeks will mention parents in various important ways. To be honest, this Sunday will be more on the negative side of parenting as we look at the issue of family violence. It’s arguably our local community’s biggest problem and we’ve made a commitment as a church to learn more about the issue and seek to offer a positive response. We hope this Sunday night will be a big step towards us understanding the issue more deeply and give us an idea what actions we might need to take in the future. We’ll interview the social worker from Diamond Valley College and hear from our senior minister Tim, about a biblical foundation for response to family violence.

The following week will be a bit different as we ask: how do we bring love into relationships where one person is in a position of authority (e.g. a parent or a teacher)? The bible is actually really big on things like respect and honour for our parents so I think you’ll like what we have to say 🙂

They’re both important services which will not be replicated in the morning service as they are teaching through a different series. Hope to see you and your family there 🙂



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