Tutoring, Food and…


G’day parents,

There is lots happening this Sunday (Aug 30).

Suni is a maths teacher who works at Diamond Valley College and is seeking to give back to the community by running some free tutoring on maths related school work. We’re hosting these sessions every second Sunday before our 5pm meals. Come along, bring your school work with you and any friends who’d like to take advantage of this generous offer. Click here for a post with more details.

After tutoring there is our fortnightly 5pm dinner which leads into the third in our ‘Love is…’ series of services; this time we’re talking about relationships where sex is a thing (either because people are actually having sex or just thinking about it). You might have noticed this is a big issue for teenagers!? Our culture presents us with a whole bunch of rubbish about sex so we’ll sift through all that muck and present people with what God really wants for us.

Warning: this final paragraph is highly opinionated.

I hope you read this as a loving comment from someone who cares about your kids rather than a criticism :-). If you think your high school kids are too young to be hearing about sex, you’re wrong. Even in the unlikely case that they’re not getting exposed to sexualised conversations and online content already, the first word on this stuff is way better coming from you than from some random source at school or online. So I would not just encourage you to bring your kids to this service, I’d also encourage you to stay yourself so you can talk about it afterwards. Opinion over :-).



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