Next Sunday@6 Series: Love is…

G’day parents,

Hopefully if you’re a subscriber you’ve received this message into your inbox after the technical hitch we’ve had the last month or so. Please keep spreading the word about this blog (and email subscription) so that we can be connected with every parent who will benefit from it.

This Sunday we start a new series titled ‘Love is…’ Each week we’ll look at a different type of relationship and how real biblical love expresses itself in that context. Our first week will be about friendship; what does the bible say about non-romantic love with your peers? We’ll look at other types of relationships such as with your parents and other people in authority (e.g. teachers). Here’s an outline of the series:

  • Love is… friendship
  • Love is… sometimes romantic
  • Love is… sometimes sexy
  • Love is… not violent
  • Love is… respectful

We reckon it’s going to be a ripper series that helps young people understand how God’s love is more than just a ticket into heaven but a positive life changer for everyday existence as well.


P.S. We’re aware the graphic above looks a bit overly romantic, it’s a work in progress 🙂


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