A big weekend: Youth Alive, Dinner and a Movie

G’day parents,

This Friday we have this years northern suburbs Youth Alive event in Bundoora. I’ve posted about this previously so please click here for all the details.

On Sunday we’ve got dinner at 5pm before the service and then following the service we will be screening a movie. The theme for this week is ‘Dystopia’ (which means “a bad place”); most of the recent popular youth/young adult fiction is dystopian science fiction – the world gets worse in the future. We’ll examine why there is such pessimism about the future and ask what God thinks about it. The movie we watch will be a dystopian movie, anyone can vote for which movie we watch on Facebook starting this afternoon.

Please note that the movie may be rated M15+ or MA15+ (it’s hard to find dystopian movies that aren’t). Please keep an eye on the Facebook page to see which movie it is so that if your kids are under 15 you can make a decision about whether they stay. I’ll post the classification link so you can check the content. We expect it will mostly be young adults staying to watch the movie as we probably won’t finish till about 10pm which might be a bit late for some school goers.



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