Sunday at 6 Movie: Girl Rising

G’day parents,

On June 28 we will be screening a movie called ‘Girl Rising’ which is a high quality exploration of girls who are victims of exploitation and poverty around the world. It’s a powerful production backed by aid organisations including World Vision here in Australia. We highly encourage not just sending your kids along to see this movie but also to come along yourself and check it out.

Here’s a few things to know:

  • We will finish a bit late. Normally we make sure we finish our services by 7:30, I anticipate finishing at 7:45 as the movie itself runs over 90 minutes.
  • There will be snacks and drinks available for purchase, all proceeds to a World Vision project engaged with the freedom of girls/women.
  • The content can be pretty heavy. The movie deals with seriously horrible slavery and abuse. Whilst it doesn’t show it on screen, there’s no avoiding the seriousness of the content. I’d rate it PG with a warning that it might distress some viewers.
  • Check out the trailer here.

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