Youth Unite and Photo Consent

G’day Parents,

This Friday we are hosting Youth Unite. You can read about it in detail here.

This post however is to request for action on your behalf. If your kids aren’t coming this Friday, that’s sad because it will likely be great, but you can also probably skip the rest of this post as it relates specifically to Youth Unite.

A member of our church named Pete was going to be doing the technical setup (lights, sound, etc.) for this Friday (he does this sort of work professionaly) but he has recently had emergency brain surgery! He’s doing very well but will not be able to run his small business for quite some time.

Fortunately a few friends have stepped in to keep the business running and providing income for his family. As a favor to Pete and his family we are hoping to use this Friday night’s event to take some photos and video of his gear in action.

Now, because the room will be full of youth, it’s possible they’ll be recognisable in the photo. Before we put them up on the web, we’d like your permission to use your child’s image for this purpose. There will be a section of seating where we won’t take photos so we’ll encourage people to sit there if that’s what they’d prefer.

If you’re happy to give permission I’d ask that you paste this text into an email  to me ( and fill in the blanks where appropriate. There will also be paper forms available on the night. Thanks everyone.


I, the parent, consent to my child(ren), ___________________                                  _______________________________________________________________                                   ,

attending St. John’s Anglican Church Diamond Creek for any function being photographed.

I agree that St. John’s shall have the right, but not the obligation to use my child’s photograph, likeness (including caricature), online or in printed materials as the ministry deems necessary; including communications regarding events and organisations connected with St. John’s. The child’s name will not be used with the photos.

Printed Name of Parent/Guardian: ______________________________                                        


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