Recommended viewing: The Cyberbully

G’day parents,

I’ve just watched a drama on ABC iView called “The Cyberbully”; it aired on ABC2 last week. It’s a high quality drama about cyber bullying which features a teenage girl as the main character. I highly recommend you watch it. It’s a bit of a thriller but also does an amazing job at capturing the temptations and realities of the way technology has changed the world of young people and how they socialize.

A warning though: It’s pretty gritty. It earns it’s M-rating with grown up themes such as suicide and pornography (alluded to rather than shown) and plenty of swearing. That said, it’s pretty realistic I reckon and could be worth watching with your teenage kids and having a discussion about it. It has a great message within all the drama but isn’t too preachy.

You can watch it online by clicking here but hurry, it expires on April 16 at 9:30pm.


P.S. Games at 5pm before the Sunday@6 service this weekend.


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