Parenting teenagers: sex, technology and boundaries

Hi Parents,

I highly recommend watching this interview with Andy Stanley (American church pastor and parent of teens). It touches on topics of sex and technology; how to communicate with your kids about these topics and some great wisdom on family rules. I’m actually writing this while I’m still watching it, the first 15 minutes (it goes for 30 minutes) was enough to convince me this is worthwhile.

A further comment, and I hope you read this as a loving comment from someone who cares about your kids rather than a criticism 🙂 If you think your high school kids are too young to start talking about sex, you’re wrong. Even in the unlikely case that they’re not getting exposed to sexualised conversations and online content already, the first word on this stuff is way better coming from you than from some random source at school or online. The video recommends getting ahead of the game with these conversations and I definitely agree. Comment over 🙂

Watch the video by clicking here.



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