Camp Crave needs just two more registrations to go ahead!

G’day Parents,

We’ve found there’s a lot of interest in Camp Crave this year but that hasn’t been matched by actual registrations up until now. The good news is we are now only two registrations short of minimum so I’m confident camp can go ahead if we just get those families who have been meaning to sign up but haven’t yet, to go to the website and make if official.

Camp should be great, it usually is. It’s a bit different to previous years, a bit more of an adventure camp experience where as previously it was it was more of an indoor conference (which considering it was usually in winter was fair enough).

If you have any questions about camp this year please don’t hesitate to give me a call at the office Wed or Thur. Registration closes Wednesday next week but from an organisational point of view, the earlier you register the easier you make it on our team’s planning.


Office phone: 9438 1264


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