Camp Crave 2015

G’day parents,

Hope the holidays have treated you well 🙂 This is just a quick post to let you know our potential camp dates for this year. They are A LOT earlier than camp was last year so I wanted to get them to you quickly even though they’re not 100% confirmed (I’ll post again when we are). The only action to take at the moment is to put the dates in the diary and take note of the points below.

  • The dates are the labour day long weekend. March 6-9. We’ll likely head up Friday night and get back late Sunday night (the 8th) giving the youth a day’s recovery before returning to school.
  • This will be during bush fire season so please make sure that if you are away from home, your kids have somewhere to stay if we come back early or cancel because of dangerous conditions.
  • We expect the camp to be HEAPS CHEAPER this year. Hopefully half of last year if not even less!

I’ll send you more info as we lock thinks into place.

Kirk (


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