Sunday@6 Vision Launch – Nov 30

Dear Parents,

This Sunday our evening service at St. John’s is officially launching our vision to become a “vibrant youth and young adults community”. At the moment the service is basically a contemporary all-age service and so whilst we won’t be kicking anyone out, we hope to specialise in connecting with the younger generations (high school aged and post school).

With youth group finishing in less than two weeks and not returning next year, we hope the Sunday@6 service will act as a worthy and superior replacement. Much of what’s good about Crave (fun, food, teaching and adult mentors) will be present each week at the service. This Sunday we’ll launch some new initiatives such as dinner before the service (5pm) and give everyone an idea what’s in store for next year. I highly recommend attending this service, both from the point of view of a parent and a youth (you can sit separately if you’re kids are concerned about appearing lame ;-).

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me ( although please be aware my wife is now fully nine months pregnant so that might limit my ability to respond! If you can’t get onto me and need a reply you could also try our senior minister Tim Johnson ( or just call the church office on 9438 1264.

  • Date: 30th November 2014
  • Dinner: 5pm
  • Service: 6pm till 7:30 at the latest
  • Venue: St. Johns Church Diamond Creek
  • Cost: Free

Finally, it’s worth noting that we’re about to hit the Christmas/Summer period so whilst the service will be a little bit different week-to-week we expect the substantial, permanent changes to be much more evident once the country moves back into normal mode in late January/early Feb. We’ll still be seeking to be relevant to young people over summer, it will just be a bit more laid back and relaxed in the hot weather.



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