Reminder: Parent Meeting this Friday and Sunday

G’day Parents,

Don’t forget our parent meetings this weekend. We’re running the same meeting twice so you can take your pick between Friday or Sunday.

Here’s what I wrote about it in another post:

We’d like to invite you to drop your kids off at Crave Youth Group and then join us for a short presentation and question time about the future of Crave. Our youth group will not be continuing in the same format next year and so we’d like to share our proposed new model with you and hear your feedback and insight. It’s also a great chance to meet with other parents with kids the same age as yours. Alternatively if that date does not work for you we will run the same presentation after our Morning Service two days later.

  •  21st of November 2014, 6:15pm (for a 6:30 start) -7:30pm
    • Alternative: 23rd November 11am-12 midday
  • St. John’s, 61 Main St. Diamond Creek
  • We’ll provide a cuppa and a biscuit or two.
  • RSVP not required, just turn up, questions to Kirk on 9438 1264 or

There are copies of St. John’s new Vision and Strategies on the welcome table in the foyer.

NOTE: It’s possible that my wife will go into labour during or just before the meeting and I will be absent, if that’s the case someone else from our Crave term or Church staff will run the meeting.


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