Youth Unite – Nov 14

This Friday we’ll be joining with some other Northern Suburbs youth groups for an event called Youth Unite. We hosted it last term and it was terrific. You may have seen a video of me walking across a gauntlet of Lego – that was at Youth Unite. The help and buy in we got from our Crave youth last time was just fantastic and so we hope that will be the same this term as we visit Mill Park Baptist Church.

We’ll be car pooling from St. John’s. Meet in the foyer at 6:30 and return by 10pm. There will be no dinner provided at this event but there will be supper available afterwards. If you would like to make your car available for the the transport part of the night then I’d love you to drop me an email. (You can even stay for the even if you like!) We never know exactly how many cars we need because numbers tend to vary from week to week so it’s possible we would end up not needing you but it’s always good to have more seats than bottoms to sit on them.

I’ll be away on a conference this week but I’ll be back Friday arvo – if my email sends you an out of office auto-reply, don’t panic, I’ll get to your message eventually 🙂



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