Campers’ Letter

Hi parents,

Hopefully if you’ve registered for camp you’ve already received this via email but I’m covering bases.




Gday Campers and Parents,


Camp Crave 2014 is just days away! We wanted to let you know that you’re in, we’ve received your registration and now we need to let you know some additional details. Some of this stuff is pretty important, so make sure you read this entire email!


The leadership team is going up to the campsite early Monday. We’ll get the place set up and do other leader-type things. You however will be catching the bus up a little later on. There are two drop off times on Monday September 22nd:

  • 12:15pm at St. John’s (61 Main St. Diamond Creek).
  • 1pm at St. Hilary’s (12 John St. Kew).

There will be staff and leaders there ready to greet you. Please make sure you’re not late or the bus might leave without you! Please also make sure you’ve eaten some lunch before being dropped off, our first meal together will be at 6pm.


Below are the church office numbers in case you have any complications getting there on time. Here, also, are the campsite’s number and its details if you need to get onto us while we are away (reception is poor so best to call the camp directly in an emergency).


St. John’s office number: 9438 1264

St. Hilary’s office number: 9816 7100


Camp site: Oasis Christian Camp

Camp site phone: 9736 2898


Director’s mobile numbers:

Kirk (St. John’s): 0409 040 681

Lachlan (St. Hilary’s): 0410 998 847


Mobile Phones and other gadgets:

Camps are a great chance to get away from technology a bit and talk to people in person rather than via a keyboard or touch screen so we do have a couple of rules in this area. Basically electronic gizmos need to be off and out of sight during official camp sessions. We also ask that you respect people’s right to sleep by not listening to your mp3 players and making that annoying headphone-background noise while everyone else in your cabin is trying to sleep. Likewise we don’t want that screen glow lighting up the rooms when people are asleep or that tap tapping sound of touch screens and buttons. Parents, please be aware that mobile coverage is poor in Mt Evelyn at the best of times so it may be best to call the campsite instead of mobiles (or the director’s mobiles’ for that matter).


Study Time:

There will be free time each day in which year 11 and 12 students can study. There will also be at least two hours of free time each day which students of any year level might also use to study.


Costumes and Props:

Every year on the last night of camp we have a themed dress-up dinner! This year the theme is ‘Under the Sea’. Will you be a water dwelling mammal, a fish, a shell thingy, an enenenenemy or something else? Get into it! Start planning what you could do costume wise. If there’s enough interest we’ll also run a concert/talent show thing one night so you might want to bring stuff for that too.




Drugs and Alcohol:

Neither is allowed on camp! We’ll send you home if we find any. There is also no smoking for those under 18 years of age. If you’re over 18 and feel the desperate need to smoke please talk to a director when you arrive.


Packing List:

  • Bedding: sleeping bag or doona with sheets, pillow & pyjamas
  • Towel & Toiletries
  • Torch
  • Plenty of Warm Clothes – Beanie, scarf, coat, thermals etc…
  • Shoes suitable for running
  • Clothes you can get dirty
  • Bible & Pen
  • Books if you need to do homework (year 11 and 12 students)
  • Costumes for dress up dinner!


Getting Home:

The bus will bring you home to the same location as you were dropped off. We anticipate the bus will arrive approximately at these times:

  • 3pm at St. Hilary’s
  • 4pm at St. John’s

If there is any major hold ups with the bus we’ll try and let you know in advance. Parents; again, if you are running late, please call the office and let us know.


Well that’s all for now, start getting pumped up for a great week. We are excited and can’t wait to start the camp!


Until then,


Kirk Mackenzie

Youth Minister
w. 9438 1264


Lachlan Day

Camp Director – St. Hilary’s

  1. 9816 7100



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