A week till Camp Crave – have you remembered to register?

Dear Parents,

I’m starting to get very enthusiastic about Camp Crave 2014. The closer we get to Sep 22 the more my enthusiasm grows. Have you remembered to register your kids for Camp? Are you still unsure? Can I encourage you to please do a few things?

  1. If you know you’re coming and haven’t registered – please register now by clicking here.
  2. If you still have questions there are two things you can do – the first is to head to stjohnsdc.org.au/campcrave and read some of the extra information about camp on that webpage. The second thing to do is have a chat with me; drop me an email (kirk@stjohnsdc.org.au) or give me a call (0409 040 681).
  3. Have you and your kid/s considered inviting other people? Obviously there’ll be a few friends who leap to mind straight away but there are may also be some people at school or somewhere else who is going to be pretty lonely over the holidays and would just love to come to camp and enjoy the company of our young people and leaders.

Thanks for your e-time.



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