Decent at admin? Could you help Crave out?

Hi parents,

For 18 months one of our young leaders, Jacinta, has been coordinating the kitchen roster for Crave dinners. She’s done a fantastic job along with our many cooks who have supplied us with delicious food and friendly service week in, week out. Unknown to Jacinta I am writing this post in the hopes of replacing her; not because she’s doing a bad job, she’s doing great, but because she has a massive workload at uni this year on top of a significant commitment at Crave and I’m keen to a remove some of her responsibilities in the hopes of keeping her energetic, happy and healthy.

So, might you be the person to replace her? Basically the job is about rosters, phone calls and emails. We need someone to cook and clean most weeks of term and so it would be your responsibility to ensure that happens every week we need it. Jacinta has a contact list which we’d give you as well as access to our online Crave roster. Once you have the roster sorted it’s really just a case of following people up early in the week to ensure they’ve remembered. If you took on the role it would be a commitment till the end of the year but not beyond. More importantly it would be a great blessing to the hard working Crave team.

If you’re interested please contact me by email ( and we can talk details.



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