Crave – Final Night of Term 2

This Friday is our last event for term 2 and the last in our series based on the questions we got from the youth after we watched Life of Pi together at the start of the term. The topic is “How to have faith when you’re surrounded by people who don’t”. You might have noticed some fairly scathing attacks on Christian organisations from the media in recent weeks, off the back of some proposed changes to government funding; being someone of faith is not always very popular. It can sometimes seem like we’re surrounded by people who think Christians are superstitious morons. Research would actually say that the majority of Australians are not-anti God or anti belief in God, but sometimes, if the opposing voices are loud, it can feel like Christians are completely outnumbered. At Crave, we’ll give the youth some very logical reasons why believing in the God of the bible is a logical and intellectually-sound thing to do. We’ll also give them encouragement to pursue their beliefs openly, without fear of appearing ignorant or stupid.

The Details

  • Date: 27th June 2014
  • Time: 6:15-9pm
  • Venue: St Johns Church Diamond Creek
  • Cost: $5
  • Dinner: Provided

For Home

  • Why do some people believe religion is darkness? (Let’s be fair, religion doesn’t have a perfect report card.)
  • What do you find challenging about going against the crowd in any situation (e.g. class opinion).
  • What do you find particularly challenging about going against the crowd when it comes to opinions about God?
  • What reasons do you know of that demonstrate that believing in God is different from believing in fairies?

Important Note

There are approximately two weeks till our church leadership meets to make a final decision on the mission, vision and strategy document. If you still have questions/concerns/thoughts that you would like raise, please could I encourage you to act quickly? I will be taking a few days off in the school holidays so the earlier you can contact me for a time to meet or talk on the phone the better. Once again, our definite preference is to receive this feedback through conversation, not in a written format. That said, if you’d like to email me to arrange a time to catch up in person or over the phone then that would be great 🙂

Thanks to those who have met with me so far 🙂


Church office number: 9438 1264


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