VCYC ONE: Road Trip

We’re back after our break for a road drip event down south. The VCYC ONE events are quite similar to Youth Alive which we went to earlier in the term but they are for all of Melbourne rather than just the northern suburbs. There will be music, fun times, a sausage sizzle and Christian message. For details of the event itself please click here. For details on how we’ll get there, see below.

  • Drop off: 6pm at St. John’s
  • (We will bus/car pool to the location)
  • Bring a gold coin donation for sausage sizzle
  • Pick up: 10:30 at St. John’s

As you can see it’s a slightly early start and a much later finish than normal. If the car pool is going to get back early or late we will endeavor to contact parents in advance. It’s important not to arrive late as you might miss out on a lift!



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