Ch-Ch-Ch- Changes… well possibly anyway.

Last Friday night at Crave we gave the youth a sneak peak at the St. John’s Draft Vision and Strategy document which will get released on June 8th. The basics are outlined below. Please bear in mind they are only a few dot points in a much larger overall draft which will cover the entire church. We wanted to get the youth stuff out early because we won’t have a normal Crave meeting until June 20th which we felt was too late in the process. We’ll have about a month for feedback and questions before the church leadership will meet again to make the final decisions. If you, as a parent, would like to share your feedback or ask questions we’d love to hear it (myself or a member of staff or vestry). There are some pretty big changes being proposed so it’s important to talk about them before they get set in concrete.

Our definite preference is to receive this feedback through conversation, not in a written format. The reason for this is that conversation allows immediate clarification, questions two and fro and massively decreases the chance of someone being misunderstood or misinterpreted. That said, if you’d like to email me to arrange a time to catch up in person or over the phone then that would be great 🙂

I’d recommend listening to the presentation and QandA we held by clicking here.

• Transform Youth Ministry from Friday night focus to:

  • The refocussed 6pm Service
  • Weekly Life Groups for youth
  • Occasional extra events (i.e. Youth Unite, Youth Alive)
  • Yearly camp experience

See some of you at camp over the weekend 🙂



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