Crave: Other Religions and some big announcements

Hi parents. This Friday will be an important night in the life of Crave Youth Group. We’ll be making a couple of big announcements which might affect what Crave will look like in the near and distant future. It’s part of our church’s new vision and strategy which will be fully released on Sunday the 8th of June at each of our services. We’re giving Crave people a preview of the youth part of the strategy though because we won’t have a normal Crave night again until June 20 which will be way too late. The announcements will be of a draft only. We are putting it out there for feedback hoping to hear thoughts from families, nothing is locked in, everything is a suggestion at this stage (good suggestions we hope but suggestions none the less).

That will be a small-ish section of the night. The rest of the night will be fun, food and the teaching topic of Other Religions. In the movie Life of Pi, the main character calls himself a Hindu, Christian and Muslim all at the same time. We’ll ask how legitimate it is to do that given what each of those religions say about themselves. The teaching will be very interactive. I’m very busy this week so I must apologize for not giving you any questions for home this week. I might be able to write some up over the weekend if I can find a few free moments.


The Details

  • Date: 23rd May
  • Time: 6:15-9pm
  • Venue: St Johns Church Diamond Creek
  • Cost: $5
  • Dinner: Provided

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