Youth Alive: City North

This week we are joining with other youth groups from all over the North of Melbourne for a massive all-in night. These events are generally pretty great and they do things on a scale we simply can’t manage by ourselves. The details are slightly different to normal so please take special note:

  • Date: 16th May 2014
  • Cost: Free! (Thanks to those who helped with the fundraiser.)
  • Drop off: 6:30PM
  • Location: Encompass Church, 31-61 McLeans Rd. Bundoora
  • Pick Up: 10pm (Note: this is slightly later than the term flyer previously indicated.)
  • Food: Snacks will likely by available to purchase but please have your evening meal beforehand.
  • Event homepage

The theme for the night will be “Fearless”. As I am not doing the message myself I can’t give you details but I do know these will be the fears we’ll be talking about. Fear of…

  • Failure
  • Death
  • Family members leaving
  • Rejected
  • Missing Out

You might like to talk about these fears, or others, at home.



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