Crave @ Youth Unite

This Friday we are joining a bunch of other youth groups from the Northern Suburbs at an event called Youth Unite. It’s a great chance for regular Cravers to meet some people outside our circle and enjoy a big crowd with some big fun. The details are a bit different to our normal nights so please take special note of these. I’ve noticed that sometimes youth are reluctant to attend these bigger events, perhaps due to shyness. I’d encourage pushing through that reluctance. We can learn a lot by spending a bit of time with different groups of people and, even though it won’t feel comfortably familiar, it’s a great growth point for youung people to meet a greater variety of people.

Because we are not doing the teaching ourselves I can’t provide you with any questions for home this week. Back to normal next week 🙂

  • Date: 14th March
  • Drop off: 6:30-7pm (there will be a hang out space running during this time)
  • Location: Diamond Valley Baptist Church(309 Diamond Creek Rd, Plenty)
  • Food: No dinner, please eat beforehand.
  • Cost: Bring a gold coin for entry.
  • Pick Up: Same place at 9:30pm

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