Crave: Friday 28th Feb 2014

This week we continue our series on identity, specifically we’ll look at how we can find our identity in the things that we own and the status those things bring. Basically it will be a warning against consumerism and vanity as well as an encouragement to find our identity as one who is loved and valued by God. The teaching will be based on a passage from Mark 10:17-31. Plus the usual fun, food and friendships.

The Details

  • Date: 28th February
  • Time: 6:15-9pm
  • Venue: St Johns Church Diamond Creek
  • Cost: $5
  • Dinner: Provided

For Home

  • What things are valued in a person at school? By the students? By the teachers?
  • Do you own anything that gives you a strong sense of identity? What is it? How would you feel if you were told to give it up?
  • What is the difference between being a consumer and being overcome by consumerism?

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