Crave: Friday 21st Feb 2014

This week we will dive headfirst into our series on identity. In particular we will be looking at Jesus’ words in Mark 8:31-38 where he talks about sacrifice and giving things up; this is in stark contrast to what our culture often presents where our identity is defined by what we have, our stuff and the status that we earn. Throughout this series we will be encouraging our young people to think about finding their identity in Jesus Christ, the one who loves us unconditionally even when we fail. We hope it will be freeing for them and help relieve some of the performance pressure that inevitably comes at school and in social settings.

The Details

  • Date: 21st February
  • Time: 6:15-9pm
  • Venue: St Johns Church Diamond Creek
  • Cost: $5
  • Dinner: Provided

For Home

  • What things are valued in a person at school? By the students? By the teachers?
  • What sort of identity does your family’s favorite TV show promote?
  • Why might giving things up bring you more freedom?

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