Can you help with Crave dinners?


Each week at Crave we have dinner together. It’s a great way for people to catch up and get to know each other before we move into the other activities on the night. Last year we were brilliantly served by a number of parents who came and cooked, served and cleaned up for our youth. Thanks to all those who contributed; your help makes a massive difference to the stress levels of our leadership team.

If you’ve been involved in the past, please expect contact from Jacinta (one of our great volunteer leaders) in the near future.

If you haven’t been involved in the past but would like to contribute this year then we would love to hear from. The best way to put your hand up is to email Jacinta: and she can give you more information. But you can also talk to us in person or give us a call on 9438 1264.

There are two roles to take on each Friday night (many people do both on the night, note that the second one requires no cooking skills):

  1. Cook – the person/people who makes sure the food is ready to be served at 6:30pm.
  2. Kitchen Hand – the person/people who serve, do the the dishes and clean the kitchen.

Last year a few friends did the dinner together, halving the amount of work and doubling as a catch up a the same time. You also get to spy on youth group without your kids getting embarrassed and wanting you to go away 😉



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