Crave: Pool Party Bash

This is an OFFSITE location this week, we’ll be at one of our leaders houses in Eltham, details below!

Nothing says the start of summer quite like an Epic Pool Party Bash!

That’s right ladies & gentlemen.. you’ve made it to the end of the year! (nearly) and you’ve arrived at our End of Term Event the Pool Party Bash.

We have had a blast this year building some great relationships/smallgroups and we love to celebrate our community of Youth each year.

It’s a great time to be able to get everyone together to play some games, go swimming, share a meal together, hear the last message of the year and on a sadder note farewell our Year 12’s into the Great Beyond or more accurately ‘Real Life’.

We believe we’ve got Great news to share, the Good news of Jesus Christ, so we like to have a talk at each of our events, ranging from big to small to share a bit about what we believe as Christians so we’ll still have a small talk to wrap up term at the pool party.

We’ve spent our last term looking at what it means to Care about God & Our Faith. Ever feel like teenagers are going through a giant period of “i don’t care” or “nothing-ness”.

Well we wanted to bring into focus why we should care! about God, our story, our words and ultimately Why God cares for us. So this week we’re going to bring together a few of the theme’s from throughout the term and wrap up our year at crave.

Event: 13th December

Venue: 23 Adecroft Court, Eltham

Cost: $5 – New People are Free!

What to Bring: Bathers/Towel/anything swimming related/change of clothes.

Dinner: Provided!

If you get Lost: Call Jordan Miller on 0417 280 203

For Home:

We’ve looked over lots of different theme’s this term and if you’ve missed out you can check out our other blog posts and catch up on some of the the topics from this term like heaven and hell, testimony,lost for words.

We’ll still be posting some great parenting content over the summer, but we won’t be on  a regular weekly schedule like during the terms as will be on break!

Thanks for subscribing and connecting with us this year, we’ve loved our parent meetings and enjoy being able to work along side you in the chaos that is the “teen” ages.

We are looking forward to seeing what next year brings!

Note: We just want to say Thanks again to all the Parent’s who have been apart of our hospitality roster!

You’ve blessed us heaps with your generosity and service!

and all the Youth Team Leaders are massively thankful for it!

If you’d like to continue or even join the roster for next year  for more details please contact Jacinta Smyth at 🙂

Have a great Summer Everyone! 🙂


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