Crave: Why Care? God’s Cost.

This friday night we’re hosting Parent Night! at the same time as we’re running Crave so this means hopefully a lot of you reading this post will be there and you’ll be able to really be apart of the night and see what goes on at Crave Youth!

But for those who can’t make it this friday night, we’re looking at God’s Cost. You might be saying.. Well what is that all about?

Well we’ve spent a few weeks looking at our cost, Gods heart and how we share a testimony in our lives. But this friday night we’re looking at Why we think any of those things matter. We’re looking at the original cost that God made so that we can be in relationship with him and the reason we have a christian testimony to share.We believe God paid a price so that we have an opportunity. So we’re going to be sharing about what God’s cost was and what that could mean for us now.

So we’d love for you to come friday night to find out What that opportunity is, and what it cost God for us to have it.

The Event:

6th December

Venue: St Johns Church Diamond Creek

Cost: $5 – Unless you’re new!

Dinner Provided 

For Home:

Hopefully this week you’ll be here with us!

But if you can’t make it this week, a coupe things for discussion might be

What did you think/feel about the issues raised tonight?

Was there an illustration/story from the talk this evening that stood out to you?

What is your biggest take-away from tonight?

Have a great weekend! 🙂


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