Crave: Boys/Girls Night

This week we’re doing a Boys/Girls night separate!

We love when the opportunity comes along to do events that split up the guys/girls

and really focus in on matters that are affefcting them as young guys/girls individually.

The Girls Night is going to be a secret panel night!

We’ve invited along 3 young christian guys to stand in as a panel to answers the questions Girls have always wanted to ask a boy but been too afraid to do! (they wont know they’re actually being answered by boys until later in the night, we’ll be having a annoyomus question jar through the first part of the night).

We  did a similar thing in reverse for the boys on this year’s crave camp and got great reviews. It’s a great opportunity to help girls learn a kindness towards boys & boy issues & also see the side of themsleves from the boy’s perspective that is a bit unknown. We’re also be full of cake and snacks with the usual girl chatter.


November 23rd

Venue: St Johns Church

Time: 6-9pm

Cost: $5 new people are free

Dinner Providied

The Boys are offsite! 

They will be at a different location this week!

They’re going to be doing manly men things. Focusing on tough questions friends ask. Boys aren’t big talkers.. as you may know if you’ve parented one..or more but when they do sometimes they ask the big questions they’ve got stirring round in there heads. So the boys are going to work on helping them find useful ways to answer the big questions on life, christianity and whatever else comes about.. all the while wrestling a ball and eating there body weight in pizza.


November 23rd

Venue: 43 Adam Cresent, Montmorency

Time: 6:15-9pm

Cost: $5

Dinner Included

For Home:

We’re unsure of the question being covered on the separate nights as they’re open discussion/panels but the theme of the boys night will be about how to handle tough questions from friends – be that about God or Friendship. As for the girls it’s along the lines of “What have you always wanted to know the boys perspective on?”

We’ll be back to normal next week! 🙂



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