Crave: His Story, Our Story Part 1

As part of our “Why Care?” series, we think testimony is a key part of caring about God.

So tonight we’re going to talk about what a testimony actually is and why it’s an important part of being a christian.

So what does testimony mean?

A testimony is all about sharing the things you’ve seen and experienced in our own life, no matter whether you believe fully or you’re still figuring it out, we all have a testimony to share.In church it’s more focused on God and how he has been working in our lives. It can be as small as a sentance or as long as a life story.

And as a chrisitan you don’t need to have memorised the whole bible or be able to answer every single question to be able to share your belief in God and the work he is doing in your life and we want to encourage kids to start sharing where they’re at.

We’re really excited to have two local members of St Johns Diamond Creek Natalie Coleman newly official warden of St Johns Diamond Creek and Cameron Berndt a member of Sunday@6 congregation are coming to share there testimonies tonight.

We’re aiming to help kids realise the simple ability and but powerful message it is to share there testimony.

The Event:

November 8th
6:15 -9pm at St. Johns
Cost: $5
Food: Dinner provided

For Home:

This would be a great opportunity to ask your kid about there testimony. Whether they’re ready to share or not you could discuss times when you might have shared a testimony, or even share your testimonies together. You might be surprised the affect that you could have with your kids when you get a bit vulnerable and share your story!

Note: Sorry for the delay in this week’s post, have a had a couple things come up off the back of the long weekend which delayed the post.


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