Crave: Youth Unite



This week we’re changing locations! We’re heading to Youth Unite which is being hosted at Mill Park Baptist Church.

Youth Unite is a combined church’s event created by the local area’s youth pastors to start creating connection and relationships for the youth in the same area.

At Youth Unite the theme is ‘Schools’ having different kinds of activities based around making a movement for passionate change in schools in our area, there will be a time of worship (musical praise) a time of prayer (speaking to God) and a time of community prayer (praying for each other) a message and small groups between different school’s groups – building relationships and sharing God with each other.

This is a brilliant event to really create community, relationships and have fun at! We love supporting our area!


Location: 11 Morang Drive Mill Park

Time: 7-10pm

Cost: $5 – But   (there will be finger food and snacks but no actual dinner this week! )

Note: Kirk, Bel and Jacinta will be away at the NYMC conference and so Andrew Barras (P: 0426 254 636) will be heading this event up. He’ll be the available point of contact on the night.



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