Crave: Why care.. about Heaven and Hell?


It’s a pretty big question we’re tackling this week in our series Why should we care.. it’s all about Heaven and Hell.

This topic isn’t necessarily something that teens have big opinions on. Lately culture has changed to delve into supernatural elements like angels, demons, vampires etc.. but Heaven and Hell seems to be sidelined.

When asked a lot of teenagers don’t have a big problem with the supernatural but also have no real idea about what it is, or if Heaven or Hell are actually a real thing and not just a dreamy concept of “a guy in the sky and a dude with a pitchfork.”

There’s lots of popular and unpopular ideas out there about what heaven and hell are like.  We’ll be cutting through all the fluffy clouds and pitchforks and teach what the bible actually says about about life after death.

This one can be controversial topic and like other aspects of the gospel it can be confronting and hard to understand but this topic is a must address because whether or not you believe in Christianity it’s a reality that at some stage of your life you will die.. so what happens when you come to that point?

The Event:

October 18th
6:15 -9pm at St. Johns
Cost: $5
Food: Dinner provided

For Home:

We understand that not everyone who subscribes or sends there kids to crave youth is necessarily a follower of Jesus believing in Heaven or Hell, so this discussion could be very different, but some good questions to talk about at home off the back of this week’s crave could be Where do you stand on heaven and hell? Do you believe in an afterlife? What do you think happens when you die?

Also i’ve linked in some interesting articles from which could spur some great discussion. Fervr is a christian teen website that addresses tons of different issues.

The two links below address two questions:

Am i going to heaven?

What is Heaven like?

If you would like more articles or information or to chat about it please comment below or contact Kirk or I and always feel free to speak to us on a Friday night when dropping off/picking up your youth! 🙂


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