Can you help out a youth leader?

Hi Parents,

In two weeks, four members of St. John’s will be attending the National Youth Ministry Convention in Queensland. It is a truly terrific event that comes around once every two years. Personally I have been twice and found it hugely beneficial in my role as a youth minister. I know also that before I arrived, St. John’s had also sent people along to great benefit (three of the four volunteers are now youth pastors).

This year I am taking our assistant youth minister, Bel Wilson (who sometimes writes in this blog), Jacinta (current Crave leader) and Renee (my wife, veteran youth leader, currently not a Crave leader due to mum duties). Two of us are on staff and so some of our costs have been covered by the church’s training budget however, Jacinta and Renee are attending without official financial assistance. I was hoping that a few parents might be able to donate some cash in order to help with the costs of attending this interstate conference. To give you an idea of the costs for each person, here’s a breakdown:

  • $319 registration
  • $115 accommodation for four nights (we got a great deal)
  • $350 return flights (the bargain rates didn’t match our dates – doh!)
  • $80 food and other costs

As you can see it’s not super cheap but to be honest, for the quality of conference we get at NYMC, this is an absolute bargain. Expect to fork out several grand for the equivalent in the corporate world.

Donating to these costs is a great way to invest in the short and long term future of the youth ministry at St. John’s. So, if you’re able and willing (and we totally understand some families will be tight financially at this time and unable to help out) then here’s how. Please note this would be a private donation via me personally, not an official St. John’s transaction. The account details below belong to Renee and I. We will calculate how much we receive and then distribute to whoever has the most need in the team. In the interests of transparency, I’m happy to provide figures after the convention for those who would like them.

Direct Transfer:

  • BSB: 083376
  • Account Number: 688425081
  • Transaction Title: NYMC Donation


  • Place some physical cash in an envelope and give it to me at Crave or drop it in at the church office.

We’ve felt very supported by parents of Crave youth in general this year and so any extra you support you can offer here will only be on top of the warm welcome I have received as the new youth minister 🙂

Kirk Mackenzie


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